Offshore Projects

How we make them work

A combination of onsite and offshore elements work hand in hand to make our projects click. An onsite team does the initial system study and high-level design, transferring the detailed systems design, development and testing to our offshore teams located in India. However, the nature of the application often decides how much of the work will be done onsite or offshore. Internet tools such as email, chat, web phones, teleconferencing and VPN have made life significantly easier for our offshore team to handle maintenance and customer support phases in the application development lifecycle.

Microsolve Consulting handles our onsite collaborations with the clients. A high-tech R&D center in Elmhurst, USA and Mysore, India ensures that Microsolve presents the right mix of technology and innovation to our clients.

We have amassed valuable technical expertise in Consulting and Offshore Services. It can be grouped as shown below:”

  • Distributed Order Processor for MBM, Chicago
  • CRM Implementation at TYX Corp.
  • CRM Implementation at
  • Active Directory Management for Citicorp
  • HRMS Software for Vertex Management Inc
  • Marketing Management at University of Fribourg
  • Real Estate Management System for Baird & Warner
  • CoreCRM implementation at AMD, CADDONS,
  • Maifloer and many more other companies.
  • Dhanush Computers, Online Systems, TAARAK,
  • Oracle Applications Maintenance at Comdisco
  • Oracle Applications Database Maintenance at Cisco
  • Oracle Applications implementation and Maintenance at MBM Co.
  • Integration of distributed sales and order processing at Personal Creations